RGB Colour Changing

RGB Colour Changing

Colour changing LED strip lighting can create different scenes within the same environment, simply by using a hand held remote control. It can be installed into a kitchen or bathroom, and additional benefits include low power consumption, an IP65 rating, and a range of compatible power converters to suit all applications

Order Code: SY7358A – 500mm Strip 8w
Order Code: SY7359A – 1m Strip 16w
Order Code: SY7360A – 2m Strip 32w

Order Code: SY7341A – 100mm Corner Connector
Order Code: SY7342A – 500mm Bridge Cable
Order Code: SY7343A – 1m Bridge Cable
Order Code: SY7344A – 2m Bridge Cable
Order Code: SY7354A – 5m Bridge Cable
Order Code: SY7347A – ‘Y’ Splitter
Order Code: SY7598A – 4 Zone Receiver & Remote Kit
Order Code: SY7538A – Additional Receiver

Driver Options:
LSLED20 – 20w Drvier
LSLED50 – 50w Driver
LSLED75- 75w Driver
LSLED100 – 100w Driver
LSLED150 – 150w Driver

Product Ref: SY735
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