KIARO Drop Down Door Support - 46006000YQ

KIARO Drop Down Door Support - 46006000YQ

Kiaro is an opening system for drop down doors with a concealed mechanism which allows to adjust the settings depending on door weight and dimension, thus enabling to manage a wide range of doors with only one reference. As it is a two-handed mechanism, it can be installed both on right and left side. A high resistance technical wire grants a significant loading capacity together with minimal shapes and elegant design.


Wire opening system with reduced size and elegant shapes, becoming an element of design for the whole cabinet.


One reference to cover a wide range of door weights and dimensions.

TWO-HANDED MECHANISM: The same mechanism can be installed both on right and left side.

EASY INSTALLATION: The opening system can be installed with an easy mounting of the lateral profile on the cabinet side and an easy fixation of the wire onto the door.

WIDE ADJUSTMENT: The mechanism allows a wide adjustment of the opening angle.

HANDLELESS DOORS: Just add one K PUSH TECH enables the door opening, with any door weight and size.


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