4.8w Flexi Strip

4.8w Flexi Strip

  • Various Length Options
  • Waterproof LED strips with adhesive tape
  • Warm White or Natural White Options available
  • For Under Cabinet or Plinth Installation
  • 2m Connecting Cable included
  • 4.8w Per Meter*Please note a different driver is required dependant on Warm White or Natural White FlexiOrder Code: AL16111BN – 1m Natural White (4.8w)
    Order Code: 284231.8 – 1m Warm White (4.8w)
    Order Code: AL16112BN – 2m Natural White (9.6w)
    Order Code: 284232.8 – 2m Warm White (9.6w)

    Order Code: AL16113BN – 3m Natural White (14.4w)
    Order Code: 284233.8 – 3m Warm White (14.4w)

    Order Code: AL16114BN – 4m Natural White (19.2w)
    Order Code: 284234.8 – 4m Warm White (19.2w)

    Order Code: AL16115BN – 5m Natural White (24w)
    Order Code: 284235.8 – 5m Warm White (24w)

    Driver Options for Warm White Flexi Strips:
    Order Code: 29009DC – 15 Watt Driver
    Order Code: 29008DC – 20 Watt Driver
    Order Code: 29000DC – 30 Watt Driver
    Order Code: 29002DC – 60 Watt Driver
    Order Code: DRV12-100 – 100 Watt Driver

    Driver Options for Natural White Flexi Strips:
    Order Code: LSLED8 – 8w Driver
    Order Code: LSLED15 – 15w Driver
    Order Code: LSLED20 – 20w Driver
    Order Code: LSLED30 – 30w Driver

Product Ref: LED 23 FLEXI
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